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93% of ETSIAAB teaching staff are rated 'Excellent'

Nine out of ten ETSIAAB teachers have a score equal to or higher than 90 points, according to the last call of the DOCENTIA programme.

March 2023

53 of the 57 ETSIAAB professors evaluated in the last call of the DOCENTIA Programme, promoted by ANECA, have obtained a rating of 'Excellent'. This figure means that 93% of ETSIAAB's teaching staff evaluated obtained a final score equal to or higher than 90 points and exceeded the minimum score required in each area (teaching planning, teaching development, results, and improvement and innovation).

The DOCENTIA Programme assess the activity of UPM teaching staff. It aims to guarantee the quality of the university's curricula by evaluating different areas of the teaching staff's training. ANECA, through the Teaching Evaluation Support Programme (DOCENTIA), seeks to meet the demands of the universities and the need for a higher education system with a model and procedures to ensure the quality of university teaching and promote its development and recognition.

The evaluation models refer to criteria such as:

  • Adequacy teaching:  activity must respond to the requirements established by the university and the higher   education institution in relation to the organisation, planning, development of   teaching and   evaluation of   the student body.
  • Satisfaction: the teaching evaluation must have the acceptance of the stakeholders involved in teaching, especially the student body, academic staff and academic managers
  • Efficiency:   the teaching activity, regarding the resources made available to academic staff, must bring about the development of the student body in the skills provided for in the programme.
  • Guidance to teaching innovation:  teaching activity must be approached from a reflection on the teaching practice itself; one that fosters learning on the part of the academic staff, through self-training and a willingness to embrace change.


These criteria are analysed through the self-reports of academic staff, the reports of the academic managers, the student surveys and the evaluation of the student body. The categories obtained are as follows:

  • Excellent performance or A, (90 points or more)
  • Notable performance or B, (70 points or more)
  • Acceptable performance or C, (50 points or more)
  • Insufficient or deficient performance or D, (less than 50 points, when the lecturer does not meet the adequate level of teaching activity, when the reports of academic managers are unfavourable and the evaluation of their performance by students is low or where the self-report does not include reflections on improvement.)

The ETSIAAB confirms the excellence of its teaching staff by receiving a high rate; of 93%- EXCELLENT. The individual reports on the teaching merits can include the DOCENTIA programme.