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Agronómica, Alimentaria y de Biosistemas

Seminario del CEIGRAM: 'Climate Services in Agriculture'

Ponente: Iñigo Gómara.

Jueves 29 de noviembre, a las 12.00, en el CEIGRAM.

Nowadays, there exists a great demand for translating the existing wealth of climate data and information into customized tools, products and information (EU-2015). These tools, so-called ‘climate services’ (CS), provide support to decision makers across socio-economic sectors (e.g., water management, agriculture, energy production). In the agricultural sector, one of the most important CS applications is to provide timely and accurate yield forecasts based on climate prediction, which can be used to adopt best management practices and readily incorporate them into on-farm management plans in a cost-effective manner. User-driven climate-information services may also serve to prevent emergencies in target food-insecure regions or orient market forces and regulations related to food production, and support environmental protection while adapting to climate change.

In this seminar the concepts of climate variability, climate change and seasonal crop forecasting will be introduced, together with an example of CS application on a grassland ecosystem in the French Massif Central.